Automated detection of unexpected changes and
anomalies in your environment

  • Anomaly Detection

Find Anomalies

Run or schedule diffs to compare package, directory, and file content across 10s to 1000s of nodes, or compare one or more nodes to an earlier snapshot of themselves.

  • Anomaly Detection

Monitor and Verify

Keep your environments in sync, verify releases, or troubleshoot the root cause of an incident, by detecting unwanted configuration anomalies.

  • Anomaly Detection

Try It for Free in Minutes

Install our light weight agents with one command and eliminate any configuration drift in your environment in minutes. On premises trials also available.

Jeremy Hutchings, Technical Director

"We could have saved a week of work if we had discovered Metafor earlier. They verify the state of our servers so we can see what is actually deployed, not just what we think has been deployed."

Kelcey Damage, Infrastructure Systems Architect

"Now I spend 4-5x less time on drift than I did before implementing Metafor Software. Metafor's anomaly monitoring is a massive time saver."

Multi Linux OS Support

  • Anomaly Detection

Language Agnostic

  • Anomaly Detection

On Premises or Cloud

  • Anomaly Detection