Automated Real-time Anomaly Detection for IT Security and Performance

  • Anomaly Detection

Get real-time intelligence from your sea of data

Are you drowning in metrics and alerts?

Metafor’s machine learning technology analyzes the streams of data generated by your IT infrastructure and applications in real-time, to accurately identify anomalous behavior so you can fix problems at the first sign of trouble.

  • Anomaly Detection

Stay ahead of security threats

Automatically know the normal behavior of your metrics such as network traffic, or users accessing a resource, and identify anomalous activity indicative of misuse or malicious intent in real-time.

Metafor’s behavioral analytics detect new attack profiles as they develop without depending on a knowledgebase of “bad behaviors”.

  • Anomaly Detection

Increase app performance and availability

Metafor uses unsupervised self-learning algorithms. No thresholds or rules to set, and no staring at graphs on screens.

Analyze thousands of metrics and events in real-time to find anomalies that are the early warning signs of impending performance problems.

Ryan Neufeld

"I used to spend hours manually troubleshooting inconsistencies, with Metafor I can troubleshoot in minutes”

—Ryan Neufeld, Technical Lead at MetroLyrics

Kelcey Damage

"Not only can we now automatically identify when there is a problem, but exactly what it is and where to find and fix it”

—Kelcey Damage, Lead Architect, Payfirma.


Multi Linux OS Support

  • Anomaly Detection

Language Agnostic

  • Anomaly Detection

On Premises or Cloud

  • Anomaly Detection