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Analytics for the cloud infrastructure: My presentation at Velocity Conf EU

At Velocity Conf EU last week I gave a talk titled: Beyond Pretty Charts: Analytics for the cloud infrastructure. The talk further explored some of the issues discussed (but not fully explored due to lack of time) in my talks … Continue reading

Anomaly Detection Analytics for the Data Center – my presentation at DevOpsDays Vancouver

DevOps Dojo: Infrastructure Monitoring and Stability

Yesterday I was invited to share my thoughts on infrastructure monitoring and stability in an Atlassian Open DevOps Dojo hangout. It was great to be able to join infrastructure gurus Roy Rappaport (Netflix), Jeff Behl (Logic Monitor), and Mark Breitung … Continue reading

More better analytics – my presentation at DevOpsDays Silicon Valley

On the way to self-healing systems

I know I promised another “Anomaly Detection”-type of blog, but I lied. That’s because I’ve been thinking a lot about control systems lately. Could be because I spent that last three weeks immobilized due to an operation. Also, I guess, … Continue reading