Beta 0.15.2 Released - Now with Regex and REST API!

I got to say it was a good day

Time for another Metafor release! This release (0.15.2) focuses on some user-requested features and allowing easier integration. It includes: Regex File and Directory Specification: You asked, we listened. Users have commonly requested easier and quicker ways to specify directory paths for anomaly detection. Now you can specify which directories or files Metafor should exclude from comparisons using regular expressions. Want to monitor a directory for changes without notifications of changed log files? You don't have to hunt the files down or ignore them explicitly - just exclude the path: .*.log

API Improvements and Documentation: Metafor's Application Programming Interface makes it easy for you to integrate Metafor with your existing tools. Currently access to the web-based REST API is available upon request. Interested in integrating Metafor with your current systems? Contact us at

As with every release, we've been improving our scalability, robustness and performance while tackling lots of bug fixes as well.

We are dedicated to making it as easy as possible for you to find environment inconsistencies. Join our beta and let us know how we can make Metafor even better!